Month: June 2015

Kitchen, Kettles & Knives……

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Letter K

The kitchen

My favourite place in the home.

I love to cook what I eat

And I love to eat even what I don’t cook

Oh well, I stepped into my kitchen today

And I captured kettles and knives.

The Magic

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Amidst the noise, I found the quiet

Busy streets, a still corner

Around me so much pain, anger and frustration

It was Monday

Showers all day

Worry on every side

A silent cry

Unseen tears

He heard my voice

And I heard the Father say

I’ve got you covered baby

I looked above

I saw His Glory

Right in the dream

I found the magic

….then I captured it

Sun & Maize

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A visitor came by

The rains are the status quo these days

But somehow through thick clouds

The sun looked upon me and I know

Winter may last the years but

Summer is coming!

Alone but not lonely

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I stand not alone

The wind.

The rain.

The sun.

The moon,

Stars. Night. Day.

My roots.

My foundation.

Several efforts but I flower not.

i haven’t had leaves, not in years.

My friend, the palm gets the attention

She’s a beauty.


Year after year, I stand

A little taller

My challenge is my propeller

For growth

So I stand, and I stand tall. I’ve got branches.


And I display His glory.

I see the cars, the passers by

Some neighbours, some strangers.

They see me not

or just refuse to acknowledge me

But today, a girl passed by and then she captured me!