My Glass

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Drop by drop

Many have poured in

Many have sucked out 

Some content just evaporated 

Some changed temperature 

To fill this glass

Is the goal

To have it overflowing 

Too often, it stays on this level

It increases

It decreases

I drink out of it

I empty it sometimes 

But it gets refilled

And ever surely, some really amazing persons ensure empty is not the case. This glass represents my life, some days get really bad. I dry out, I feel lost but someway, I get back on my feet. I’ve been through a lot. A whole lot and I’m well aware life holds more challenges but as ever, nothing I can’t handle. I haven’t found myself completely. But everyday I learn. Today, I’d really like to appreciate my friend, in depth and truth, he’s way more than that. He found me on a lonely street and held my hand all the way. Trust me, I was difficult sometimes, a handful! Firmly, he stood by me. Showed me a love I had not known. I still can’t express my gratitude. Genuinely, I am. I haven’t stopped needing you, I can’t. But I’ll keep getting better, I’ll keep growing. Getting stronger and becoming that woman you see.

Thank you. I love you.

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