I bless you.

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sun or snow?

what are we settling for?

why are we settling?

shall we take each day as it comes.

just like the weather.

or shall we keep worrying?

for that which we will settle

see the seagull.

she’ll steal your bread.

and fly away.

she might let you watch.

while she eats your bread.

she’ll be happy either way.

she has the moment.

learn from her.

but don’t steal.

don’t steal from self.

don’t take your moment away.

don’t worry.

live. More than a little.

to be vulnerable is to be human.

call your mama.

she’ll like flowers too.



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Home away from home

I had to create

through cold days

and colder nights

a winter beauty

with flowers gone

somewhere beneath the northern lights

on the streets of Aberdeen

i made peace with my environment

and i called it home.



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One day different

Slight difference 

Almost negligible 

Then days. Months.

We didn’t change in split seconds 

We had on our side: time

The leaves fall

Yellow earth 

Who/What killed them?

Newbies arise.

It’s a cycle 

There’s no lesson at the end.

No manual at the start.

The process matters most.

The process.

         There’s enough love to go around. Take more than a dose.

My Glass

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Drop by drop

Many have poured in

Many have sucked out 

Some content just evaporated 

Some changed temperature 

To fill this glass

Is the goal

To have it overflowing 

Too often, it stays on this level

It increases

It decreases

I drink out of it

I empty it sometimes 

But it gets refilled

And ever surely, some really amazing persons ensure empty is not the case. This glass represents my life, some days get really bad. I dry out, I feel lost but someway, I get back on my feet. I’ve been through a lot. A whole lot and I’m well aware life holds more challenges but as ever, nothing I can’t handle. I haven’t found myself completely. But everyday I learn. Today, I’d really like to appreciate my friend, in depth and truth, he’s way more than that. He found me on a lonely street and held my hand all the way. Trust me, I was difficult sometimes, a handful! Firmly, he stood by me. Showed me a love I had not known. I still can’t express my gratitude. Genuinely, I am. I haven’t stopped needing you, I can’t. But I’ll keep getting better, I’ll keep growing. Getting stronger and becoming that woman you see.

Thank you. I love you.

God demonstrates

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about these things


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

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Day 10

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If they were yours or not, you’d love them too!

Children are a gift to the Earth.

He sits through her classes so he know all the steps!

For July – 0515

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Eight members.

Each unique 

Many similarities, many differences too

Through ups and downs 

We survive 

Year after year

We found love in one another 

That’s my dining table! Many years ago, we’d all sit and share our meal together, now a lot of us are out of the house. College, jobs moving us to different cities but every once in a while, we fortunately are home at the same time. It’s hardest for the parents. They don’t get how their little ones have become adults too. But through it all, we keep growing and in love. 

I missed my challenge and didn’t post yesterday. So here’s to today’s first post! 

Alone but not lonely

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I stand not alone

The wind.

The rain.

The sun.

The moon,

Stars. Night. Day.

My roots.

My foundation.

Several efforts but I flower not.

i haven’t had leaves, not in years.

My friend, the palm gets the attention

She’s a beauty.


Year after year, I stand

A little taller

My challenge is my propeller

For growth

So I stand, and I stand tall. I’ve got branches.


And I display His glory.

I see the cars, the passers by

Some neighbours, some strangers.

They see me not

or just refuse to acknowledge me

But today, a girl passed by and then she captured me!

A little bit of nothingness

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A little bit of nothingness

Ever gaze into the sky and all you see is tranquility,

One that does not exist down below.

Too often, we are overwhelmed by our challenges

But if you could just lift your head and gaze

Look beyond and find this peace I speak of

A peace not of this world

A peace beyond your understanding

Beyond mine too

Don’t let this monday, that job, the battle, whatever struggle eat you up

Not today.

Reach out

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a Moringa tree, a coconut tree, cables or poles

Or just a beautiful sunset

And a little bit of nothingness.

You can capture it too, steal the moment!