For July – 0515

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Eight members.

Each unique 

Many similarities, many differences too

Through ups and downs 

We survive 

Year after year

We found love in one another 

That’s my dining table! Many years ago, we’d all sit and share our meal together, now a lot of us are out of the house. College, jobs moving us to different cities but every once in a while, we fortunately are home at the same time. It’s hardest for the parents. They don’t get how their little ones have become adults too. But through it all, we keep growing and in love. 

I missed my challenge and didn’t post yesterday. So here’s to today’s first post! 

July – 0515

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Home !

July – 0315

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Pure Beauty


July – 0215

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a girl

I captured me!

July – 0115

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One day in july

Look beyond the surface

You’ll find many truths

Beautiful truths

Unable to be expressed

You need patience.

And a little more patience.

Today, i plead with you.

Stay, I’ll teach you how to love me.


This July, I’m challenging myself to get better at my photography. I’ll post a photo a day and I’ll like feedback. Tell how I can improve or what you think. Thanks thanks.

Kitchen, Kettles & Knives……

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Letter K

The kitchen

My favourite place in the home.

I love to cook what I eat

And I love to eat even what I don’t cook

Oh well, I stepped into my kitchen today

And I captured kettles and knives.

The Magic

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Amidst the noise, I found the quiet

Busy streets, a still corner

Around me so much pain, anger and frustration

It was Monday

Showers all day

Worry on every side

A silent cry

Unseen tears

He heard my voice

And I heard the Father say

I’ve got you covered baby

I looked above

I saw His Glory

Right in the dream

I found the magic

….then I captured it

Sun & Maize

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A visitor came by

The rains are the status quo these days

But somehow through thick clouds

The sun looked upon me and I know

Winter may last the years but

Summer is coming!

Alone but not lonely

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I stand not alone

The wind.

The rain.

The sun.

The moon,

Stars. Night. Day.

My roots.

My foundation.

Several efforts but I flower not.

i haven’t had leaves, not in years.

My friend, the palm gets the attention

She’s a beauty.


Year after year, I stand

A little taller

My challenge is my propeller

For growth

So I stand, and I stand tall. I’ve got branches.


And I display His glory.

I see the cars, the passers by

Some neighbours, some strangers.

They see me not

or just refuse to acknowledge me

But today, a girl passed by and then she captured me!