The Magic

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Amidst the noise, I found the quiet

Busy streets, a still corner

Around me so much pain, anger and frustration

It was Monday

Showers all day

Worry on every side

A silent cry

Unseen tears

He heard my voice

And I heard the Father say

I’ve got you covered baby

I looked above

I saw His Glory

Right in the dream

I found the magic

….then I captured it

A little bit of nothingness

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A little bit of nothingness

Ever gaze into the sky and all you see is tranquility,

One that does not exist down below.

Too often, we are overwhelmed by our challenges

But if you could just lift your head and gaze

Look beyond and find this peace I speak of

A peace not of this world

A peace beyond your understanding

Beyond mine too

Don’t let this monday, that job, the battle, whatever struggle eat you up

Not today.

Reach out

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a Moringa tree, a coconut tree, cables or poles

Or just a beautiful sunset

And a little bit of nothingness.

You can capture it too, steal the moment!