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Home away from home

I had to create

through cold days

and colder nights

a winter beauty

with flowers gone

somewhere beneath the northern lights

on the streets of Aberdeen

i made peace with my environment

and i called it home.


neuf julliet

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We packed fruit baskets for the elderly and they loved it!

On the Eighth day of the Seventh month

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According to plan,

He made it all.

And still orchestrates all that and ever will be!

For ……. 0715

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I still don’t know the name of this plant!

July – 0515

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Home !

July – 0215

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a girl

I captured me!

July – 0115

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One day in july

Look beyond the surface

You’ll find many truths

Beautiful truths

Unable to be expressed

You need patience.

And a little more patience.

Today, i plead with you.

Stay, I’ll teach you how to love me.


This July, I’m challenging myself to get better at my photography. I’ll post a photo a day and I’ll like feedback. Tell how I can improve or what you think. Thanks thanks.

Kitchen, Kettles & Knives……

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Letter K

The kitchen

My favourite place in the home.

I love to cook what I eat

And I love to eat even what I don’t cook

Oh well, I stepped into my kitchen today

And I captured kettles and knives.

The Magic

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Amidst the noise, I found the quiet

Busy streets, a still corner

Around me so much pain, anger and frustration

It was Monday

Showers all day

Worry on every side

A silent cry

Unseen tears

He heard my voice

And I heard the Father say

I’ve got you covered baby

I looked above

I saw His Glory

Right in the dream

I found the magic

….then I captured it